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Highly Scalable Document Clustering Software Released by Hot Neuron

BRYN MAWR, Pa. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — February 27, 2008 — Hot Neuron LLC announces the release of version 1.0 of its ClustifyTM document clustering software, aimed at helping corporations and law firms explore, organize, and tag large document sets.

With the increasing volume of electronic documents and emails, there is a need for software that can aid in the organization of such information. Clustify meets that need by grouping documents into clusters of related documents. It identifies important keywords for each cluster, giving quick insight into the document set. It also allows the user to create a hierarchy of custom tags that can be applied to individual documents, all documents in a particular cluster, or all clusters containing a particular combination of keywords, allowing the user to categorize hundreds of documents with a single mouse click.

Clustify uses a proprietary, agglomerative algorithm that provides excellent cluster quality and scalability. According to CEO Bill Dimm, "We realized that large document sets would become increasingly common, and we designed Clustify from the ground up with the goal of processing large document sets on modest hardware." Clustify can cluster 1.3 million non-trivial Wikipedia entries on a desktop computer running Linux in 20 minutes, or 50 minutes under Microsoft Windows.

Clustify can help corporations organize their internal documents. It can also enhance search engines by identifying related documents that may be of interest even if they don't match the search query exactly.

Clustify provides substantial benefits in litigation, where electronic discovery can be expensive and time-consuming. It produces a quick overview of the document set, allowing the user to prioritize the documents for review. By processing the most promising documents first, litigators can start planning their cases early and ensure they meet deadlines for document requests. Reviewing related documents together allows documents to be tagged more efficiently and more consistently, with a greater understanding of relationships and context. Clustify can turn up evidence that may be missed with search queries, e.g. due to synonyms.

Clustify can generate concept-based clusters, or it can require documents in the same cluster to contain identical passages of text. The latter option is useful for identifying near-duplicates, which can cut the cost of electronic discovery further than simple deduplication.

About Hot Neuron

Hot Neuron LLC is an information retrieval software and services company located in Bryn Mawr, Pa. It owns and operates MagPortal.com (http://www.magportal.com), a search engine and directory for finding online magazine articles.

Clustify is a trademark of Hot Neuron LLC. MagPortal.com and Hot Neuron are registered service marks of Hot Neuron LLC.

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