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Clustify 3.0 Adds Integration with a Broad Range of Databases and e-Discovery Tools

HAVERTOWN, Pa. — (PRLog) — Jan. 26, 2012 — Hot Neuron LLC announces the release of version 3.0 of its ClustifyTM software, featuring the ability to analyze documents stored in virtually any database and export cluster information back into the database as additional columns that can be used by many review platforms and e-discovery tools.

Clustify groups related documents into labeled clusters, providing an overview of the document set and allowing the user to review and categorize related documents together for greater efficiency and consistency. The user chooses whether to group documents that are conceptually similar, near-duplicates, or elements of an email thread. Version 3.0 adds the ability to directly analyze document text that is stored in any database that has an ODBC driver, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL or PostgreSQL. Clustify can also analyze databases that store references to native files instead of the actual document text. It can export the cluster results back into the database as additional columns so other software can use the cluster information to sort the documents or identify related documents. This makes Clustify flexible enough to work with a wide range of document review platforms and e-discovery tools.

Clustify 3.0 makes it easy to perform basic calculations on databases without knowing SQL - simply point and click to select desired columns and settings. It also gives more advanced users a great deal of control, allowing them to adjust data types for export columns, modify SQL code to select specific subsets of documents, or use column data from multiple tables.

"We aim to make Clustify an extremely flexible tool that clients can use in many different ways, rather than a closed system," says Bill Dimm, the CEO of Hot Neuron. "Version 3.0 furthers that goal by working with a variety of database management systems and data architectures on both Microsoft Windows and Linux. Working directly with the database is not only convenient and powerful, it is also very fast."

About Hot Neuron

Hot Neuron LLC is an information retrieval software and services company located in Havertown, Pa. Its Clustify software (www.cluster-text.com) does conceptual clustering, near-duplicate detection, content-based email threading, and automatic categorization / predictive coding. Clustify is used in litigation to make the document review phase of e-discovery more efficient and consistent.

Clustify is a trademark of Hot Neuron LLC. Hot Neuron is a registered service mark of Hot Neuron LLC.

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