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Cluster list restricted to a selected set of keywords. Clustify analyzes the text in your documents to group related items into clusters. During that process, it identifies the most important keywords that cause the documents in the cluster to be considered similar to each other. The keywords give you a quick idea of what each cluster is about, and they allow you to easily identify the themes of your document set. Clustify reports the frequency for each keyword, and allows you to browse clusters containing a set of keywords you specify.

Clusters with representative documents Clustify also identifies a “representative document” for each cluster. All documents in the cluster are similar to the representative document within the limit that you specify. This allows you to make decisions about all of the documents in the cluster by looking only at the representative document, reducing the amount of labor needed to review the documents.

Clustify allows you to create a hierarchy of custom tags that you can use to categorize your documents. You can apply a tag to a single document, all documents in a cluster, or all clusters containing a certain combination of keywords. You can tag hundreds of documents with a single mouse click. This greatly automates manual categorization, and it improves consistency because related documents are processed together.

Search engines may allow some relevant documents to slip through the cracks if your choice of keywords is not perfect, or if you fail to account for synonyms. Clustify looks at the entire text of each document to decide which documents are similar to each other, so it is less impacted by the presence or absence of a single word, and it is not influenced by the user's preconceptions. This allows you to discover relevant documents that you otherwise might have missed.

Clustify uses a proprietary mathematical model to measure the similarity of document pairs, a critical step in achieving accurate clustering. It builds on that accuracy with a proprietary clustering algorithm that was designed from the ground up to achieve excellent scalability. It can cluster 1.3 million non-trivial Wikipedia entries on a desktop computer running Linux in 20 minutes, or 50 minutes under Windows.

Clustify is currently available for Windows and Linux. Please inquire about availability for other operating systems.

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